Day 3

Cant say I feel much different from yesterday. Still have an urge to place a bet, feel disappointed in myself, and feel scared about the road ahead.

I have removed some sports apps that kept notifiying me of shit happening in sports. Which usually would lead me to think I got some good info to go off of to place a bet.

The year of being gamble and weed free

Well its a new year and a new day. Day 2 without gambling and Day 1 without smoking weed.

I have never attempted quiting both at the same time. But I have made the choice to be without two vices that have consumed me for over 11 years straight. No knock on smoking weed, I enjoy it. But just like gambling I have abused it to escape from reality. I wont go on about that as this is a gambling help site. For me one feeds off the other though. I am not as confident on how long I can go cold turkey on smoking weed but I will try and if I fail I will try again.

A Life Time of Gambling - "One Bet"

This is the first time I have ever written a blog, so I am not sure where to start. My thoughts may be all over the place but please have a read and follow me on this journey.

I have read a few peoples stories from horse racing and sports betting to slot machines and poker. We all share the same issues and emotional states.

New Beginnings!

We'll soon be on page one of a new year,so I thought I'd wish everyone out there a happy,secure,productive 2016 +,full of positive hopes and aspirations and the energy to turn around all the negative stuff that's gone before!

Words of encouragement can help keep you on track when you feel wobbly! ( Thanks Prokopton!).

Go on your own personal Crusade to slay the Gambling Demon and may 'The force be with you'!.

Love and best wishes.Corash.

Regret and hope!

When everyone with a serious gambling problem reaches the realisation that it's a habit that's caused nothing but grief they're filled with regret,sadness and despair.

The only way back is to try to repair any damage caused,and if this seems impossible simply keep on going back to page one and trying a new start! Never give up trying to do this,however hopeless it may seem.The very fact that you are trying brings hope, restores self esteem,and makes you stronger.