Hate to admit that I'm not completely there yet:-(

Have done brilliantly up to now,but it's a big ask and a big hill.I've rolled back a little,but fortunately not rock bottom.

My son bought me into a website for my artwork and I was on a high.Maybe that was the trigger.

I hate admitting this.Must get back on track.


Won't be going out for any treats for a while.Life's struck me down with flue! The good news is that I'm not out spending money:-)

Nearly the end of the week.

By Thursday I'm usually pulling my hair out.I used to set out nearly every day to buy scratch cards and by this time of the week know I'd be going overdrawn.Not this week!

Trip to town!

Got so I was worried when I had to go shopping in town.Promised myself that I wouldn't buy any scratch cards but because I needed to go in the post office spent £10 on two.Scared myself and rushed out!I had quite a bit of money on me that I'd saved at home so I felt shaky but managed get all my jobs done and put what was left into the bank.Whew!

It's not all bad though because I've now saved a bit of money over the last couple of weeks and I'm more aware.I was quite proud that I didn't spend lots of money on them like I usually do.

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New to admitting my problem at quiting any help is greatfully received

I've had a problem with gambling for about two years. Was in denial of it for along time but its got progressively worse. It's all come out since my pregnant fiance found out going through my laptop and discovering my secret. I'm not too sure where to begin but I thought here might be a good start