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I've had a problem with gambling for about two years. Was in denial of it for along time but its got progressively worse. It's all come out since my pregnant fiance found out going through my laptop and discovering my secret. I'm not too sure where to begin but I thought here might be a good start. Day 1 = no lottery, no scratch cards, no bookies, no casino


Since I've been on this site I've become stronger at walking away.

When you're able to be open about your situation,your progress and even your set backs it's like being on the outside of yourself looking in.It helps you to make judgments on yourself and look at ways to help curb/stop the gambling.

Today is it!!

I need to quit gambling. I have lost too much money. I live from pay day to pay day. Today is the day. I am hoping to journal here and hope it makes a difference. I have to get away from this awful stuff. It is fun and very difficult to walk away from. I have to have the energy, and will power to do so. God, give me strength to do this!!!

A new day.

It's the start of a new day and I'm asking myself wether it may be better to go onto a UK site,where,maybe scratch card gambling is more of an issue.

The debts from my gambling addiction have been in the hundreds rather than the thousands and haven't been related to heavy betting on- line or in casinos.They have now been repayed and because I've handed over my finances to my husband,and until I've managed to quit completley,they are manageable.

My circumstances aren't as dire as some of those I've read about on this site.

Is my gambling addiction rooted in mental illness?

I've returned to this question,because it's something I've been debating.

I don't link my own addiction to mental illness,because initially and for some years I was just gambling a couple of pounds a week like many ordinary people do.i never thought about it too much.

I blame the need to do it on the simple fact that later when I bought scratch cards I got an instant buzz out of it and gradually bought more,till it became a 'bad habit'.

Once a habit is established it's not easily broken!