Difficulties on this site.

I am new to blogging and have made some mistakes.I got confused between comments and replies and I was told that I'm not authourised to comment.Hope I don't mess up again.,What am I doing wrong? Hope this is OK.

New start!

Registered on the site,I'm new to this and it's hard for me to get used to it! A few years ago my son bought me this I.pad as a distraction to help me give up smoking.i suppose you could say that I was a compulsive smoker. I managed it ,but ironically was found to have lung cancer shortly after and now I've got to master giving up gambling! I've got a lot of help from all the information and comments here already and I've gone 5 days now without to much angst.

Scratch card gambling.

Avoiding places that sell scratch cards is impossible,so that's a 'no go'!What to do is why I've decided to visit this site.After reading some of the blogs think it may help.

Dealing With A Gambling Addiction

Addiction of any kind is a problem. And most addictions result in complications and disruptions in:
• Personal, domestic life
• Professional environment
• Society and
• Financial health.

All these problems and more can and will manifest themselves in a person suffering from a gambling addiction as well.

What is gambling addiction and what are its signs?

hello everyone

hello everyone