If you're reading this chances are you've reached the end or close to the end of your rope.

What you need to hear is a gambler in action is illogical and irrational. You feel crazy at times because you're submerged in a crazy life with a person under the influence of the gambler's delusion.

You're never going to make sense of what's going on so instead surrender and accept it's illogical, irrational and delusional nature.

You now know more than ever it's time to make a drastic change. It's time to put your well being at the top of the priority list before it's too late and you lose yourself completely.


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Try not to enable a gambler.

Try not to enable a gambler.

You need to take care of yourself first. A compulsive gambler will bring down those around them. It's hard to understand but I was a compulsive gambler for 20 years.