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When I decided to look for a website that I thought I could go to for "help" is the moment I realized that I have a major problem. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Caroline a mother a full time student, a full time employee and a full time gambler. I have to be honest I do not believe myself to be addicted to gambling and my therapist agree's. I have been actively visiting casino's for about 2 years now. I have spent student loan money, entire pay checks and have gotten a loan from everywhere that would give me one. When I go to the casino I am not going with the intention of winning lot's of money. I go with the thought of how long I will be able to stay. When I win a jackpot I do not get exccited about the money I won I get excited because it enables me to stay in the casino longer. Anyway thats a little about me.


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One characteristic of

One characteristic of gamblers is that they're full of energy. If that energy can be directed at a productive endeavor, imagine what you could achieve...