Since I've been on this site I've become stronger at walking away.

When you're able to be open about your situation,your progress and even your set backs it's like being on the outside of yourself looking in.It helps you to make judgments on yourself and look at ways to help curb/stop the gambling.


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I'm happy to hear that

I'm happy to hear that you're making progress.

We make our choices, then our choices make us.

Keep up the great work.


Thank you!

I'm keeping a close watch now on what I spend.

It helps having money taken out and put in a saver each week.When I go out I leave my credit card at home and only take a small amount out with me.It was frustrating at first but I'm getting used to it.

I find it very encouraging to know that some people actually make it back because it's not so easy.

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Cutting up my credit card

Cutting up my credit card and debit cards helped to manage my budget, too.

After relapsing, I used to go to extremes with money and denied myself the small pleasures. Then relapsed. Now, I always give myself the small pleasures in life, e.g. good food, nice clothes, etc. But nothing extreme, though.

Remember, quitting gambling is the first step. The second step, just as important, is what will we replace gambling with?

Small pleasures.

One time my family and I were having a philosophical discussion and I said that I'd learnt to recognize and appreciate small joys.I still believe I do! A smile someone gives you in the street,a flower growing out of the pavement,a blackbird singing in the cherry tree outside my window,reading a book by the fire,enjoying my children etc.It never took much to make me happy.

I've always veered towards Buddhism, with reservations about reincarnation,but am I the perfect Buddhist?

I haven't enjoyed or appreciated being hooked.I haven't made any money and I haven't been happy adding to people's worries.That's not the real me! I'm a realist and that's why I'm going to win back ------- the real me!

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You will succeed. Because

You will succeed. Because you want to. And because you've found things to replace gambling.