Reflecting on distracting the mind.

A lot has been said about the effects of gambling and how to counteract the compulsion to do it.

* Hobbies
* Running/ jogging
* Meditation

I already have several hobbies but they are fairly passive like art,reading,gardening etc.They are good distractions but maybe I should get back into meditation and sports activities.

Although I haven't managed to conquer my addiction yet,when I relapsed today I noticed a strong urge not to go too far.The little voice in my head that's usually ignored was listened too,which is encouraging.

I appreciate the input and advice of fellow bloggers,both past and present.It has a real impact.Thanks!


First you have to want to.

When I first came on this website I really wanted to stop completely and I felt positive and happy.

I did well for a week but someone upset me and it triggered another episode.

Because I now have a separate account with only a small amount of money in it it was easy to keep it under control.

My husband is convinced that I have the wherewithal to beat the addiction eventually,so I just need to do a rethink and start over again.

We were taught this saying in school.

'If at first you don't succeed,try,try try again.'