30 Years of Gambling Addiction

I have been trying to quit gambling for over 30 years. I lost my family and am now homeless, and work day labor. Every time I get any money I go right to the track and bet it all. I cannot stop. I have tried GA and counseling. Nothing has worked. For me having any money=gamble and lose. Even when I win, whether it be hundreds or thousands I still stay till I am broke. My life is tragic and I would do anything to change it. What do you suggest?
I can't tell you what to do. But try these:

1) Find a hobby to pursue.

2) Be mellow, easy on yourself. Don't be hard on yourself. You're only human. You're allowed to make mistakes.

3) Find something to do with your money. Save it, invest it, or find a good cause for it.

Underneath any addiction is emotional pain-- guilt, regret, pain, anger...

Find what gives you peace in life and pursue it. PEACE is the the ultimate emotional state for me.
Not too sure what you mean by day labor, but if you are referring to temporary employment, that is one thing to start a gratitude list with. I find gambling for over 30 years unimaginable, I have been at it for 12 years and quite frankly those lost years mean more to me than the monetary loss. I guess my only answer is that you haven't felt enough pain, for believe me my friend, when the pain is bad enough, and your life is unmanageable enough, you will take action.

All the best to you, but you have to take that 1st step.

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional"
Admit yourself into an In-house treatment program or rehab center, at least you will have a roof over your head. If you still have someone close to you that you can trust, turn your wages over to them and let them give you a daily allowance. Are you at your rock bottom? If there is such a thing... only YOU can make the difference now, with help from every source available to you out there.. Choose to stop gambling.. now.. God be with you.
Try getting on your hands and knees and asking God to help you. If you come to Gamblers Anonymous you will need the help of a God of your own understanding to help you through the program.

You said in your own words i will do anything. If you meant that try above and try Gamblers Anonymous 12 steps. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

Best. Frank.
You have the power to stop any time you want to. It is a God given power in all of us. You have to realize that every time you go and gamble you are making a choice. The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality. Your mind is running on auto pilot. It is simply a habit that doesn't serve you is what is happening. Don't look at it as you are out of control. Whatever beliefs you adopt become reality. Another issue is self esteem. You keep on sabotaging yourself financially. You have adopted the belief that eventually you will win your way out of poverty. If you feel that you cannot let go of gambling on your own do whatever it takes to get the support you need to stop. Gambling has not served you. It has cost you more then you ever imagined it would. You yourself have to figure out why you have not let it go. Gamblers are risk takers. It is easy to call it an addiction. To me that is an excuse. It is simply wanting to live a better life. There is nothing wrong with that. It becomes wrong when you are destroying yourself to obtain that better life. I understand when people feel they can't stop themselves from doing something.

They feel it's uncontrollable. It just hasn't hurt enough to make them stop yet. I mean what is it going to take to make you stop gambling. How much more is it going to cost you. There is a very good book called born to lose which is an excellent read for compulsive gamblers. There are so many people addicted to things in this world. I don't believe that the body or brain becomes addicted to anything. I believe that the mind thinks it is addicted to things. Scientific studies have never found a link between a substance and an addiction biologically. Everything we do and say comes from the mind. The mind can serve us or it can even destroy us. AT one time I convinced myself I was addicted to gambling.

Then I separated my mind. Whenever I thought I had this uncontrollable urge to gamble I would say it's just my mind playing tricks on me again. I have read several books that helped me see that it was me that was choosing to destroy myself. I read a book called Why your life sucks. It sounds funny but it changed my life. In the book it made sense to me when the author said before you do anything ask yourself is this activity going to serve me or is it going to deplete me. It was hard at first but eventually it came as second nature. It is a very useful technique. Now I have two brothers that have still not stopped gambling. One has lost a house and a wife over gambling. He doesn't think he has a problem. I can't convince him to stop. He has to want to choose to stop. When you see that you have choice in everything you do it is a lot different experience in life. When you think there is some outside force controlling your actions then it is a miserable existence.

One thing I have learned is to never ever ever never enable a compulsive gambler. I read story after story of people that have helped out their mother, brother, sister, father, son, wife and even husband. They have all been screwed over by them in the end. If the gambler chooses not to seek help or stop themselves then sometimes you have to cut ties with that person in the hopes of them getting the help they need. People only turn to help when they have had enough pain. No one can force anyone to stop.