Any suggestions?

Hi all,

My brother who is a college student had been addicted to gambling for more than 3 years. We had already joined him in an addiction center, but of no use. He re-started his habit after returning from the rehab. Now, the thing is getting more serious, he had lost his control. He is showing intense anger and violence if we did not let him play. My husband suggested him to join him a rehab center. But I'm confused, I already spend a lot for a rehab. What should I do?


I am struggling to quit gambling so I know how hard it is to stop,and how easy to slip back into it. The pull to gamble can override reason unfortunately and I'm sorry it's making your brother aggressive.

You obviously care for him a lot to pay for rehab.iPerhaps you could gently point this out to him and tell him that it helps to talk about his side of things on this website.If he doesn't live with you and you are nervous about confronting him again maybe you could text/ write to him to suggest this,so it doesn't get out of hand.

It's a very emotional situation on both sides!

I'm benefitting from going to this site because you're not judged,and get lots of help and encouragement.

Best wishes.Corash.