...anybody there?

I decided to see if sharing my gambling problem would help me. I am so desperate. ..I have tried repeatedly to quit...the longest I have gone in the last couple of years is about 2 weeks. Right now it has been 10 days and it is all I can think about...hence my post. I banned myself for 2 years but that didn't work either.

I am about 150K in debt and everything is crumbling around me, my marriage, my kids, work, everything. If i don't think about gambling to escape it all (the only place where everything truly goes away) then I think about killing myself because it seems the only way out. If I didn't have a family I would.

I feel like I have destroyed my life and it won't ever be put back together. I know this is the drama queen in me (or so I tell my girls) but it feels so hopeless and I feel so bad all the time, I just dont know how much longer I can do it.

It is horrendous but sometimes I feel like the only place I get relief is the casino---pretty (*&^ stupid because that is why I am in this predicament. Anyway, thanks for letting me unload.

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Everything takes time. It

Everything takes time. It didn't take one day to dig the hole and it won't take one day to get out of it.

Take things one day at a time. Try meditating. http://www.youtube.com/trungedm

All the best.


First of all - why didn't the ban work? If the ban wasn't effective, find more ways to prevent yourself from gambling. Get rid of your credit card, for example. It is demeaning, but this is a question of survival now.

When you say that you are 150K in debt, is that actual debt, or have you just lost about 150K?

I think that you should go to an addictions counsellor and try to work through exactly what it is that is pulling you to the casino.

Don't give up!

Not sure what your circumstances - age etc are but here's my bit of advice...

This may sound odd but attempt to transfer your gambling addiction to a more productive vice... getting your debt down. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals. Even if you only reduce your debts by a tenner in the next month its better than increasing them by another couple of hundred (or indeed thousand) quid by continuing to gamble. While it is a serious and stressful situation to be in every step in the right direction in relation to reducing those debts should give you the motivation to take another step and to beat the addiction.

I'm not sure what your poison is/ was in relation to gambling but if its anything internet related then get yourself cut off. It's far too easy to give into temptation when it's only a click away. I'd even go so far as to ask the cashiers in your local bookie not to serve you! Granted the embarrassment of this is likely to be unpleasant but in 6 months time when you have a few quid left over at the end of the month you'll be less embarrassed.