Ethnography on Lottery Addicts

Hello all. My name is Summer and I am a college student in Columbus, OH. I am currently doing and ethnography (research of a sub-culture) and chose lottery players as my study. I would like it if I could get one person to indulge me and answer a few questions about their past and current stance on lottery. I have interviewed a current gambler and a renowned doctor that specializes in different types of addiction. Now I would like to do an interview with someone who is successful in their recovery. I hold no judgments or prejudices against people with addictions of any kind. I, myself, have dealt with my own addiction, and recovered. I would just appreciate some insight into someone else's experiences. We can do it email based. Simply give me your email address and I will send you an rtf file with my questions and you can answer them at your leisure, then email it back filled in. I only ask that the person willing to assist me be as open, honest, and detailed as possible when answering my questions. Thanks to all who consider!