Freewill or impulse disorder?

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Is compulsive gambling an act of freewill or an uncontrollable impulse? In other words, do people freely choose to gamble or it is a behavior beyond their voluntary control?

Need to find a Hobby to enjoy & replace Gambling.

I could always stay at home and cook & clean. But what about time for me. Why can't I comeup with a hobby that I might enjoy. I must not be trying to hard to get one. That's probably the first thing. But why would I go to this casino & make myself so nervous because I know there's a good chance I will loose my money. I become so frustrated there that I can't sleep when I get home. Yet I tend to want to go back & try it again. I am a fool. What else can I say.

Why can't it be both?

I have a theory that this is on some sort of bell shaped curve. On one side we have people who gamble purely for fun and can pick it up or put it down without a second thought.... on the other side we have people who ask casino's, online sites, family, and friends to help them stop and block them from access only to drive themselves mad trying to place another bet. Most people are probably in the middle somewhere... they get a rush from winning but can quit when they need to or have to. I would love to get some hard statistics on this so if you know of any research studies that have been conducted please let me know.