Gambling addiction

My brother in law is addicted to gambling. No matter what my sister tried, it doesn't seem to stop. He blew up most of their savings. Now my sister is thinking about a divorce. Can rehabs help my brother in law to stop gambling. We called a De-addiction center near us, ( ) I have only heard about people with drug and alcohol problems getting better at these centers. How successful are they with gambling addictions? Please share your experience.

Can re- hab help?

I am working on my own recovery with the support of my husband.i have no experience of professional re- hab,however I would just like to say that any step towards recovery can regain,little by little the pride,respect and trust that has inevitably been lost.It's a tough call to get through this and only your sister knows how much fortitude she's prepared to put out.For what it's worth if you can get or afford professional help it would take some of the pressure off your sister.You are obviously concerned,so my best wishes to all and I hope your Brother- in- law gets well again.

Hope your situation improves!

Anything is worth a try and every little helps!

I've found this site provides support and inspiration for everyone affected by someone's addiction.Just talking it through is very therapeutic and checking out other people's stories can give you ideas on how to help.i hope your situation improves.

Gambling addiction.Can re-hab help?

Gambling addiction can be cured over time and with commitment.Thinking of you and hope all is well!