Gambling again!!

Hi guys.

I have had a gambling problem for a number of years. I'm in significant debt and I need to sort myself for good this time (how many times have we all said that before?!).

I have decided to start a blog, 2 weeks of writing so far, I hope it helps others as well as myself!

Check it out here:

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mental illness and gambling addiction

The numbers don't lie -- mental illness and addiction often overlap.

Nearly 9 million people have co-occurring disorders, meaning they have both a mental and substance abuse disorder, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

But only 7% of them get treatment for both conditions, with a staggering 56% receiving no treatment at all, the agency says.


It is very sad

Im very sad

Mental illness and gambling

Just a brief comment here!When I first began it was just what everyone probably does.The odd £1 lottery ticket, and a bit of a dabble with prize draws etc.I was iil and under extreme pressure at this time as I was also solely responsible for the care of my mother who had had a stroke and lived alone.I was focused on keeping it together on these issues and had no time to watch the board! A lot has happened since then,20 years ago,and is still happening).my point is that addiction happens covertly.Got to go it's supper time.Watch the board!


Sorry my last comment didn't quite reflect your topic.New to blogging.trying to evolve????