Gambling Will Be The Death Of Me Yet, If I Don't Change My Ways.

This Casino stuff started out innocent enough. Just went once with my sister & her husband{who by the way just gamble socially every now & then}. Not like me, I have for the past 9 yrs, gone back & forth to a certain casino. There was long wait before my 2nd time to a casino. But when I went I never stopped totaly. Lady Luck was with me quite a-lot in those days. The largest amt. for a .25 cent machine, that I had won was almost $3,000.00. One time I took my sister & bother-in-law there, I hit on a machine & before they could pay me off, hit on it again. A dream come true!!
Well as it turned out, I stopped working full-time. My husband felt since the boys were all done with college, there was no need for me to go full time. After a short a perod of time at home alone, I was crawlng the walls. So I went back to work part-time. This is where Iheard about this bus that is 2 miles away from me. The bus takes you from the restaurant parking lot to the casino. Sounded neat to me. MY husband wasn't against it, because I would only go 4 times a month roughly. Well all of a sudden that 4 timeswent to 8 times & so on. I can't tell you how many times I missed the final home, & had to take different buses from there to get back to my car. The hours were increasing rapidlu maybe 10-12 per day 3 times or 4 times a week! I finally got scared enough to know I needed help. So I called the G.A. nearest to me. I went 3 times weekly. On one of the meetings they even voted me in for vice-president. I banned myself from all Casino's. I was clean over a yr. & a half. I don't know how it came about, but darn it one day I just drove to the Casino in hopes that they would let me in. They sure did let me, but the catch was I'm in-but my money is not going out! I'm sure that whatever I've won in the past, I have lost 3 times more and counting. I need help & support very badly. I need gambling to be out of my life. I know I have a gambling addiction & always will.. I'm hoping that by joining in this program, this will give me a start back to normal life.

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That first big win is a hook

That first big win is a hook for many people. It certainly was for me. I won about $100 the first time I played blackjack and asked myself, "Why would I have to work if I could make this much in two hours?"

That retarded my life for over a decade.