Hi there,

Just found this site and I thought I would introduce myself. I am a slotoholic through and through. I haven't played since April 3, 2010, but everyday is a struggle. I self excluded which has helped. I miss it, a lot....I wish I had the self control but I know once I start I won't stop until it is all gone. I can relate to the many stories on here and am thankful that there is an online community.

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You'll find many stories on

You'll find many stories on this site that you can relate to.

All the best.

A good blog inviting commentary is at noeasymony.blogspot.com.

Check this out, I like it as the guy gets right to the point about gambling's big lie.

Hi I'm new here too.

And I'm very glad I found this site. I have been looking for such a thing for over 3 months. I new it was here some where, but didn't have much luck at finding it until last night. I can't stop commenting beause I have so much bottled up in me, that I'm going to explode. Why I ever got involved in this gambling is beyond me. I'm a hard worker & so is my husband yet I go to the casino & blow our moey away.