How can I convince my husband?

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Recently I had found that he ( my husband) is addicted to gambling for more than 3 years, we had argued a lot about this but of no use and he spend each and every dollar he had for this purpose. My friends are advising me to treat him with the help of any rehab center. So I ended up contacting an addiction treatment center in Toronto. They offered effective treatment programs. But I'm confused, how can I convince him to get treatment? He is stubborn in his decisions and doings.

Getting treatment!

Sadly it's difficult to get treatment for people other than your self because first people have to reach a point for themselves when they realize just what a mess gambling can get you into.

Obviously you have tried to get through to him for a long time and are really frustrated.

I'm not an expert but I'd like to help.

.Your husband will have realized by now how much it is affecting you and obviously was in denial about being addicted.Perhaps it may help to ask him again to ease up on gambling a little.Maybe put an agreed limit on what he's spending.Tell him you understand and will give him a little breathing space.Being told how upsetting it is on the receiving is a good thing but it also piles on the pressure.You say he is stubborn but the realization to quit doesn't always come quickly.Everything hinges on him coming to that conclusion himself.

Ask him quietly to consider how it's affecting your finances and for starters ask if he'd mind putting a jointly agreed limit on what he spends on gambling.Be reasonable and show him you understand,even though it's bothering you,by trying to stay calm and maybe he'll come round to quiting.

I'm currently trying to quit and when I finally admitted my addiction to my husband we stopped rowing and looked for ways round it until I could stop.I came on this site and it's helped me so much and even though it's a struggle I keep on making progress.

Take care of yourself however you can.

Wishing you well Corash x

I'm ended up contacting

I ended up contacting Edgewood for help. Anyway, thank you for your reply.

Seeking help.

I wish your family,and brother,all the best in this new start.

It's a long road back and he's lucky to have a second chance.

Don't forget this site if he can't manage it this time.And Don't despair! I've got a lot of help here and am doing well at the moment,so it's well worth a visit.


I have heard about rehab

I have heard about rehab center in Torento. It's really effective and can bring the results. You can try there to come back your husband from gambling.