I am new here and I need to get help

I have recently in the last 2 months developed a real gambling problem. This is shameful for me to admit, but true nonetheless. I have started lying to my family about what I do with my money. I need help.

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What would happen if you

What would happen if you came clean with your family before the problem gets worse?

"We are as sick as our secrets."

what would happen

what would happen? My Mother who is 86 would be on me like a shrew, and my daughters would not trust me the way they do now.

Well If they catch which of

Well If they catch which of course they will think of what will happen then!!!!!
And trust me you will get caught we are the best Liars in the world but we do trip up eventually !
So better come clean now ,and lessen the hurt factor for everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!