I got the gambling addiction rehab help I needed

It took loosing everything, my wife, my kids, my home.. before I woke the hell up and went and got professional help. I'm completely grateful to the Algamus they only deal with gambling unlike another program I tried that was really more for drugs, which is not my problem.

I confronted my problem head on, they guided me and stood by me the entire way.. and not it's up to me to pick up the pieces, and make amends with everyone I hurt

how to get help when broke

how do and where can a person get help with a severe gambling problem . there is no gamblers anomomus around my town. i am at the bottom. got the self ban form for all oklahoma casinos. already banned at choctaw casinos but just strted going to another. Trying to find a lawyer to file bankruptcy. dont qualify for legal aid, but broke. dont any have money or insurancefor any treatment.

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Homeless shelters may be an

Homeless shelters and food banks if you need the basic necessities.

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temptation, in any form, is

temptation, in any form, is a daily struggle. It's inescapable.

Hope you can resist temptation!

Don't despair! You will find hope if you keep coming back to this site.