My hubby is addicted to poker on line I hate PP

i have been married for 10 years have 2 beautiful boys aged 4 and 2, have a house, love my husband. So i should be happy but i m not at all!
Since i have known my husband he had a problem with gambling. He had lost a lot of money at the casino. Had to take the credit card and watch for what he was doing. He stopped for a while and now that he is a daddy at home all he does is being connected almost 24hour a day on party poker.He doesn't take time with us. Rush after having his dinner to play and chat on line. spend nights and days on the computer. Dont know how to make him realize that we are here and that we need attention. I just can t take anymore. I want to help him but i already tried in the past and didn't work out. Dont want to divorce and put our kids through that but if the situation continue i will have to take decision. I don t want him to hit the bottom to understand it s too late but he doesn t listen to me. He tells me i m jealous of him when he is having a good time chatting and playing on PP. PLEASE I NEED HELP!
Where could i get the story 27 years of Compulsive gambling

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He'll have to want to do it

He'll have to want to do it for himself. Permanent change comes from within.

I also hate party poker

I read your comment and truly empathize with you. I, like your husband, was addicted to party poker. It was all I could think about 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All I could think about was rushing home to play after work. If it was my day off, that would be all I would do, not caring about my two young children (who, at the time, were the same age as your children). What finally jolted me back to reality was what you are thinking of doing; my wife leaving me. When I was finally confronted with choice (pp or my family), I finally broke down into tears and begged for forgiveness, and went to my first gambler's anonymous meeting. I think it may have to come down to that to jolt your husband back into reality.
I may have a suggestion; there is software that will block online gambling sites. Maybe install one on his computer and that will get his attention at least. Then try and talk with him, and, as a last resort, tell him he has to choose between family and pp. Hopefully he will make the right one. I will pray for you and your family