My sister's boyfriend introduced me to gambling

It was at a carnival fair. I was 17 years old. I won $40 and the casino closed. I was hooked for the next 20 years.

My sister's boyfriend introduced me to gambling

Really you started this game 17 years old.

Introduced to gambling at seventeen!

I started to buy the odd lottery ticket when they first came out,.just the odd one.Then scratch cards came out! I never looked on either of these as gambling. Never gave it a thought and it was only peanuts.Nothing got out of hand for years.But as time went on!!!! Will add more later.

I recently started gambling.

I recently started gambling. One of my friend has introduced me to this casino online gaming. Anyway, the point is how to crack the games with successful return of investment. If you have some particular strategies, then please share it with us here. Thanks!!

Recently started gambling.

The only time I've ever beaten the odds is being born at all! Chances of so and so meeting so and so and falling in love etc.

Odds are the on- line casino will win out eventually.

Maybe read the posts and interviews on this site.

My strategy is take care!

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Gambling may be a symptom of

Gambling may be a symptom of deeper issues. Some turn to alcohol, some to sex, some to drugs, and some to gambling.

Some turn to gambling

Many people like playing games of all kinds.Playing games with friends is fun.The enjoyment,the thrill! It's a form of escapism.

Seeking relief from Lifes pressures can tip the balance by making people break boundaries,becoming more and more reckless.

The danger is playing for money!

Chances are it turns into an addiction,where there's more to lose than money.