Need help for gambling

I have a problem of online gambling and I am addicted to it. No one knows that I have gambling problem. I have had a chance to live without financial stress but for the past five months I Just misused it by spending it all. I played casino games, bet on sports,play poker against other real players and even enjoy a game of bingo from the comfort of my home. I feel heartbroken when I think of what I have lost and that makes me to go back for trying again to win. I just don't know what is wrong with me! I am considering to take the help of an addiction treatment and health services centre near to my home. Has anyone been through a situation like mine? I really want to quit this? Any advice is appreciated.

Problem of online gambling.

I am currently trying to get my addiction under control with the help of people and information on this site.It's a big help and I'm making progress.

I had to go out to gamble and haven't dared to go online,and as online gambling is accessible instantly I can see the difficulty in trying to stop.

Maybe you could try rehab at the centre, it would get you out of the house and as back up you could register/click on this site instead of clicking into the gambling sites.It would be a start.

It's good that you've realised so soon that you've got a problem.Be creative and think up ways to keep iPhones,iPads and lap tops out of reach while you're trying.Even if it's just for a few days at a time!Maybe there's someone you trust who could help.

Here's hoping! Corash.

It's really hard to leave

It's really hard to leave anything suddenly. But I think it's possible. Because men can do anything if he/she actually wants to do this. I have full faith on it. But my suggestion is to come forward gradually not all at a time. Try to decrease it. And I think you can leave you. Anyway hope for the best. LOL!