New to admitting my problem at quiting any help is greatfully received

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I've had a problem with gambling for about two years. Was in denial of it for along time but its got progressively worse. It's all come out since my pregnant fiance found out going through my laptop and discovering my secret. I'm not too sure where to but I thought here might be a good start

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I would tell her the truth

I would tell her the truth and come clean. It will be burden off your back.


"We are only as sick as our secrets."


Well you've confessed on this site,a very good place to start!

It's no easy matter outwitting the gambling bug but if you browse on this site you'll probably find help and inspiration like I did.

The best things in life are ---------?

It's good thinking. I think

It's good thinking. I think you're 100% right to start here at the right time. Carry on!