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My husband is good at games... really really good at games... so here is my question: What is the difference between a profession and a problem? A lot of people say money but I am not sure that is correct.

If he logs a 12 to 14 hour session of internet poker and makes money more often then he looses it why should I be concerned? Well, if he yells at me to get up and serve him food and set up the computer area the way he likes it so he can get to work then... yeah. If I feel like I have to tip-toe around the computer area so I don't accidentially distract him, or tilt him, or bump his chair, or (heaven forbid) cause his mouse to slightly shift while he is playing 8 to 10 tables then... well? If I cringe when he hits the table and slams the mouse because I am not working as hard as him and he needs a massage and some food and that food had better not cost money and don't cry because its hard to work when your wife acting crazy! If I wake up from yet another nightmare terrified that he is on a downswing or has gone on tilt. If he made and cashed out 6k this month but we have to chat about what groceries we can buy and we for sure cannot afford NyQuil just because we have both been sick... and that's not an excuse to skip work because it's Sunday and that's the best day for tournaments and I need to stop making all these excuses and help him work since I can't get a good enough job or keep the house right or work hard enough to allow him to stay sane while he is putting in so much hard work for us!

What if I want to cry while I type this... has it become a problem now?


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If he's making money from

If he's making money from poker, then it's not a financial problem. But there could be a social issue with the way he's behaving. He's letting his professional life spill over into his social life. This could mean that he's losing control? He's not a professional if that's the case.

He's telling you that he's winning but he's fusing over grocery money, his frustration could be an attempt to hide his losses?

if he is doing so well how

if he is doing so well how come he is fussing over spending $ on nyquil ? if he was winning i really dont think he will. Are you sure he is doing ok $ wise ? online poker is probably the most addictive thing out there. so handy and easy to access and i know all about the sunday tournaments they are the best day to play. but it is very time consuming and it is 24 hrs non stop available. Is this what he does for a living ?