hi im talyne am 44 divorced and addicted to vlt machines.i have been playing them for more than 15 yrs.i once stopped for over 3 yrs,oh why did i fall back into the trap again,this time is way harder to stop, an the outcome could be the loss of everything house car job partner.i am so far down i have considered suicide many times,an am desperatly tryin to free myself from the clutches of this demon once an for all.thanks for bein here hope to keep comin back to this site for help an support an mayb do the same for someone else out there too

Comment for Talyne!

Hang in there Talyne! Try to get some professional help that works for you. In addition make some lyfe style changes. Start working out. How about starting a new hobbie. Fill your mind with other things. Don't be helpless to the vicious monster that is pathological gambling. Do you enjoy being a victim? Perhaps, I have in the past, but not anymore.Do you know who is getting all your money and mine? The casino owners and they are laughing all the way to the bank. While you and I, my friend cry and suffer. No more. Talyne. Stop today. Take a hold of yourself.

thanks friend

thanks so much for your words of hope and encouragement,yes i am making some huge lifestyle changes an tryin to fill my time with more constructive interests.any yes perhaps i did enjoy being a victim because then i did not have to be accountable for my actions,but no more thank you for helping me to see that so clearly....i know this is only the beginning and i have a long way to go but i feel some hope and optimism that i have not had in a long time i will be back to this site lots i'm sure