One day at a time


I have been sober for 11 years, clean for 5 years but now I am gambling. I have worked the 12 step program and I know that this is just another addiction that I am powerless over.

I am glad I found this site. I will use this as a "meeting". I tried the gamblers meeting one time and it was not what I needed and they only met once a week.

I am a true blue addict and if I want to kick it I need to try my best at 90 meetings in 90 days. I just have to take one day at a time.

I am my own worse problem. I will turn this over to my higher power and be grateful for this place and others that share and that I can learn from.

The most important thing is that for the rest of today I am not gambling.

And I admit that I am powerless over gambling.

And God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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Hello, I find that having a


I find that having a hobby that filled my time helped the process.

Hang in there...

I like you have struggled with many addictions and hope to overcome my current gambling addiction.

Sunday was my last in many attemps to stop, but I think it will stick this time because I found a real reason.

One of the security guards at the casino is a really nice guy that talks to me a lot and also is a compulsive gambler. He's divorced and has joint custody of two boys.

I told him Sunday that he like me was a compulsive gambler. I told him that I had not been able to stop before because I live by myself and really did not care if I through my money away. I told him now I would quit for him.

I told him that I would no longer come to that casino or any other because I knew that if I stopped for him, he would stop for his children's sake.

It's only a seed that I planted for him to quit, but I do believe that as time goes by and he does not see me at the casino, he will see that he must stop the gambling, not for himself, but for others.

I pray you find the strength through God to overcome you addiction.

God Bless,