Poker players are lazy , even gamblers are lazy in general?

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[read this on a board and thought I'd share it. Gambling = nothing of value.]

1) Most of the people who play poker professionally are in general- lazy. It's pretty obvious and I can't imagine anyone arguing here. Most of them were too lazy too study, they dropped out of college and got into poker. They are too lazy to search for a good job or to work hard a little while to get a decent job. Their excuse for their laziness is that they make more money playing poker that getting a normal job. Yes, it does apply for the very best, who really make a lot of money playing poker, but the vast majority of players are small time grinders- which in my opinon is sad and just wrong (i'll explain it at 3.)

2) Poker players are stupid! That's right! Ofcourse, there are always exceptions and probably most of you reading this thought: "Wait a minute, ban OP! Poker players are not stupid, watch Phil Galfond for example! He is smart! Haven't you seen him commentating on Durrrr challenge ? This guy is genius!" Phil Galfond is very humble and modest, a great guy and he has a very good insight on a card game, which he has played millions of hands and has spent many years playing and analyzing. - He really must be one of the smartest people in the world! (not..)

So where are all the smart people and what do they do for a living ? They are successfull entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, scholars, teachers, engineers etc. Poker players just failed at school and work because of being stupid and lazy and started looking for a "eazy money" and started playing.
This is also a reason why there are in my opinion so many "douchebags" and "tools" in poker. They all have somewhat failed at real life and they are constantly trying to prove others that playing poker professionally is "cool" and "baller" and it is so much better job than being a prosecutor( an example from a documentary of a poker familiy I saw)- which is actually not true. Ofcourse, I have to agree: who would not want a life of Phil Ivey or Patrik Antonius? But again, they are just the very few exception. If I had to choose between being a prosecutor or a poker player, who earns a little more, or even half more than the prosecutor, I would still choose to be prosecutor.

3) Poker players are just leechers of the society and don't give anything back and they are no use to the humankind.

Every other job there is, people are doing something for the society. Buliding houses, inventing, helping others, keeping order etc. Even giving someone a foot massage has a point- giving services and doing a treat to others keeps people happy and again, it is good for the society and keeps it going and evolving.
What do poker players do ? They are playing cards - a lot of people are spending beneficial manpower and workforce for the society and humankind playing cards, a lot of hours and days put into it and the outcome: A few get richer and most of them get broke. Now where is the use ? Some of you may say: "Entrepreneurs also make money out of money, it's the same thing! ban OP" no, it's not the same thing. They generate work and jobs, they keep the economy running. Poker players are just wasting manpower.

Please, prove me wrong.