Recovery - my story

For many years I was married to a compulsive gambler and although I knew there was something wrong, I didn't realise quite what it was, or indeed the extent of it. We used to both play poker and enjoy a bet on the horses. I would blame myself for being overly paranoid about life. It wasn't until 2.5 years ago when my husband never came home one night that I knew for sure it was a big deal. For the longest 2 weeks of my life, I didn't know if he was alive or dead.

Through social media and some very good friends, I managed to track him down in a hotel in Vegas (we live in UK). He came home with his tail between his legs and from that day began to turn his life around. He has had a couple of falls off the wagon but he is gradually paying back his debt, attending weekly and often chairing GA meetings. He left his super stressful well paid job as a project manager and retrained to become a self employed personal trainer. He also has a new, less judgemental and open outlook on life. I not only have my husband back but a new, improved version!

We no longer watch much sport and try not to get involved in any conversations involving gambling in any guise.

It hasn't been all peachy. It took a lot of time and effort to turn things around. Whilst he has his life back on track, I spent so long helping him recover, I kinda forgot about me. I now attend therapy sessions weekly and suffer from mild PTSD, general anxiety disorder and bouts of depression. I am determined turn that into a positive too though. I am soon going to retrain as a counsellor and have started volunteering.

In short, my husbands addiction caused us a great deal of pain but has ultimately resulted in us gaining knowledge and being in a position to hopefully make a difference.

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What an inspiring story!

What an inspiring story! Keep up the amazing work!

Your work will help people avoid unnecessary pain that your husband endured.

Hope everything works out!

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I was curious as to whether

I was curious as to whether your husband's demanding job was a contributing factor to his gambling?


It's all about admission, acceptance,seeking help and hard graft before you can regain what you've lost and who you were or want to's great that you're ticking all the right boxes.I hope I can do the same.Positive stories help.Thanks! Onwards and upwards .