Sport Sport Sports.....

Well let me tell you guys a little about me. I live in AZ about 5 hours away from Vegas. I started sports betting back 2001 when I turned 18, I kept doing it and doing it. That year I went to college at UofA had courtside seats, and would bet on the games when I found out what the spreads were and learned all the business. That year I made about 5k which was my first taste of gambling. Partying and excessive boozing were a part of my life in 2001.

I slowed it down and moved back to home after that semester. I found my self in a constant gambling mode. I had sold my car got 10k and lost it all. I forgot about all the money and kept going to school as if everything was normal. Not only did it kill my grades, but reduced my social interaction greatly.

After college I made a few bets here and there not much just a couple hundred here and there. Then 2005 superbowl lines came out, my last 4k Colts -7, doubled my money. Who knows where that cash went? So I didnt do much for 2006 or 2007 due to the fact that I had other issues in my life. 2007-2008 no betting or any form of gambling at all. One year of pure absence! Then April of 2008 came aloong, started going to local indian casinos for a cheap thrill. Many nights I found my self leaving the tables at 5am, but many night were winning nights. I had the money and walked away only to go to the bank in the morning and deposit in and never be able to withdraw it again! Great, I guess....

So I decided to continue my gambling career, as I thought I was Sports Handicapper. I made about atleast 10 to 20k betting on throughout the football season. I would not let my accounts hold excessive profits and would run to the bank with the winnings often. I have alot of control in not being greedy to try to double. I decided I would try my luck in Vegas the last week of dec 08. The sunday games was were the action was. I ended up spending a total of 200 dollars the whole weekend including the room. I didnt know what do after that. Played NBA lost my winnings another 5k.

So now here is where i WAS 5k in the whole, local bookies willing to give me a marker. Friends with credit lines at the venetian willing to let me borrow money on there markers 20k credit lines. I didnt know what do to...I told my self I gotta stop I gotta stop I cant handle this any more, but there was the other side of me just cover the 5k and be done.

So superbowl is now here. I get 5500 and here I am on my way to vegas for superbowl sunday. All by myself no friends wanted to come with me just lonely trying to cover back. Go to the sports book and get a ticket for 5500 on the cards +7. Its a winner finally I say, get in the car and drive back after the superbowl. Not even one min extra inside the casino after the game. I dont drink which helps keep my mind clear 2 years of sobriety. Got home made the deposits cleared my debt, and have over 50k in savings. Finally I say!

So now i get my paycheck from work and deposit another 550 in my account to hope to build it up to 2k. I got all the way to 1100 and put in on DUKE tonight. They lost fine. I just wanna stop, with the internet and ease of depositing, I just dont care I dont want that money anymore but it just seems to easy until I lose. Any one else with a sports betting addiction like me? I got all these online sports books calling me, sport consultants calling me.

I just wanna stop I dont want this type of money anymore. The thing that I have is that I dont have any bills and my work pays for apt, and all bills, so I am left with spending money monthly which I have constantly Gambled. I am trying to quit and want to quit. I just dont wanna lose all the savings I have which I believe I will if I keep going. I dont have any family, some friends mostly gamblers, no kids no relationships because of my constant research and wanting to make money on sports. I dont even like watching a game without betting.