The government is an enabler

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Some governments are hooked on gambling revenues.

" The addiction blinds the government to their fiduciary duty to protect the public."

"In fiscal 2009, OLG spent $558 million dollars on marketing and promotion. Half of this money was spent on complimentary gifts, known as “comps.” These “comps” are awarded based on the duration of play and the volume of play. They encourage repeat business, but when that business is gambling “comps” also encourage and feed addictive behaviour."

"The Ontario government in its addiction to the revenue allows the public ends to justify the questionable means. Sadly, one-third of gambling revenue comes from problem gamblers. "


I am a direct victim of government greed and corruption in their desire to maintain gambling addiction.
My wife was(is) an addicted gambler whose actions caused me to have a complete breakdown, while the police threatened me with arrest if I tried to stop her from gambling. I was informed that by law she could gamble as much as she wanted and I would be breaking the law if I intervened. I finally sent an email to Dalton McGuinty the premier of Ontario in desperation to have the situation investigated and hopefully corrected. I also blasted him for having no human values and caring only for his 'cash cows'.

The police came the following day and treated me as a psycho threat to McGuinty, putting me in handcuffs in a locked police car before even speaking with my wife. Since part of her criminal activities entailed forging my name on various documents and falsifying other documents she immediately believed that she would be in trouble so she lied and told them that I had been beating her for twenty years, whereupon I was charged with domestic violence and uttering death threats. I was behind razor wire for almost a month before being bailed out only on condition that I stayed with my son who lived 100 miles away. Having no money and being unable to get legal aid I was forced to defend myself in court. I had requested trial by jury knowing that they would insist on evidence being given and proven.

The Crown's reaction to that was to drop the death threat charge thereby negating my request for jury trial. There was no evidence and no possible way to substantiate her false charges. The police testimony simply described my arrest and detention ... they had nothing. The Crown was admonished by the judge for his attempts to lead the witness (my wife) who kept changing her story. At the end of the (farcical) trial the judge referred to the situation as a "he says she says situation" and then stated "I find that your wife spoke with confidence, and therefore I must find you guilty!"

My wife had dealt with bank customers for twenty years and was accompanied in court by a woman from the local (government funded) Women's advocate group. I had worked as a labourer ... and at 75 years old, sick and depressed after being the true victim of her abuse for twenty years, was being further abused by
the very same government from which I had sought help.

Since then I have been twice ordered into a psychiatric ward after continuing to fight the injustice, and I recently suffered two strokes within a two week period.

My only hope now is to inform the public that justice and human values are in fact totally absent from our society due to government greed and government design.

The answer to these problems is left to the people to take the time to think, observe, and correct.