The time you lost in gambling.

This is my first post and I would like to share my experience. I am now in my way to a gambling free life and it’s hard not to look back on my past. I’ve lost a lot and the only path I am to embark is “forward”. I have met a couple of folks who helped me through this ordeal. Believe me it’s not easy. I am used with a certain lifestyle and now I have to give them all up. It’s easy to start from scratch again if you have family and friends supporting you. But for those who have none, it will take a while. Prayer is your weapon. Think how much time you’ve wasted and what luxury has gone in your life when gambling. You could’ve spent your time in something more valuable than what you win in the tables. Nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes. But once you’ve learned how to get past all that, you will not look at your life the same way again. The choice is really up to you. For me, I'm still doing strong and I am now finishing my site which simply means QuitPlaying in Sweden.