Things to do when bored

These are the first steps in our gaining freedom from gambling. Stopping is no easy task, I've been trying with all my might for the last couple weeks. Visiting the site and raising my awareness has helped tremendously. I have had a couple slip ups in this time, but feel that I am much closer to success today than I was yesterday. We have to view this as a life change that we're choosing to bless ourselves with. Each day that passes without gambling is a day closer to a happy gambling free life. Your habit sounds very similar to mine and many others on this site.

The slow consistent draining of our financial resources...I've been trying to focus on tomorrow and the distant future, knowing that not gambling today and tomorrow is the only road that leads to victory years from now. I know we all think about all of the nice things we can do with money that isn't lost - it is time for us to realize that gambling will only continue to rob us and build a bigger compulsion. One day of gambling today brings multiple days of loss later ("win" or no win). Freedom from gambling will bring the same compound effect, except with a positive outcome...Today, choose life.

The Friday night casino social life is a lie to ourselves. One of my slips recently was excused in my mind by boredom - in Vegas, very few friends, and "bored". I went out, didn't make new friends, felt bad because I played, and was $1,000 further away from freedom. I came home and thought, "if only I wasn't so bored here". Then it occurred to me that this is simply a really lame excuse to justify playing. The monster that is gambling will whisper all kinds of things in our ears to try to convince us. We have to be extra strong at these times, knowing that this is the lie and darkness that this monster uses to entice us. ... Boredom? It is amazing how many things there are for us to do when we are not fixated on gambling. Also, at this stage of the game, I'd rather suffer through a "boring" Fri. night watching a movie or whatever, rather than suffer through the financial loss, and more importantly, the guilt and disappointment with myself of gambling. Make a list of alternative things to do with your time and a list of why you want to stop, then make sure you read it when you get the urge.

Here's part of my list:

New camping gear, furniture, clothes, vacations, great dinners...

Being happier and wealthy years from now. Being happy and not flat broke tomorrow.

What to do when I'm "bored":

* Visit this site and others like it.
* Write in my journal
* Read a book
* Go workout
* Learn how to play my guitar
* Go shopping, buy a little something w/ money I would've thrown away (just make sure this doesn't become a compulsion too! 8O )

We know we have to stop this destructive cycle and there is only one way to do it: Don't gamble today, no matter what. Seek support, like this site or Gamblers Anonymous, and look forward to a bright gamble free future (exciting ). Don't put yourself in tempting situations. Let's make a choice today to move one day closer to a successful happy life! Now there is a huge payoff!