To Me This Is At Least One Half to Three-Quarters True Honestly

Sometimes when I go to the Casino, I feel like I'm going out of boredom. But this just hit me. I go to the Casino, because I see what my kids are going through right now.. This is sad, & true. Iwant to win enough money to help to make their lives easier. Maybe if I come out with a few hundred after it's all overI could
take that & give it to them each time to help them pay off their charge cards. When they left the nest some time 10 yrs ago. they never was a need for anything because we supplied it. So therefore now that they are on there own they just charged what they wanted. So they both have a good size bal, on charge cards.
The whole sad part about this if I were to take what I spent at the Casino & gave it to them to pay their bills-- They would probably would not be that much in debt. A little to late to think of the past but I feel I can work towards their future by not going to the Casino.

Whats going on with this website

First of all, hardly anybody is using it. And secondluy if you press every key available it advertises for live casinos etc.. I'm thoroughly confused with this website.

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Hi Angela, This site gets a

Hi Angela,

This site gets a lot of hits. Most users read rather than post for some reason.

I Just Heard

That this site gets alot more hits from readers then people, replying. I feel that it is ashame, because we can learn so much more from each other. An it's in the comfort of our home. And if you do attend meetings that's another shot in the arm for you-so to speak. I have been coming with replys on this website dating back 2005, that's fine - but it were surely be nice to have recent replies also.

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Angela, The other thing is


The other thing is that this site gets a lot of spam so comments and other content are moderated. I apologize if there's a delay in posting content.

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Wow, back to 2005! That's

Wow, back to 2005! That's awesome. This site was offline for about 1.5 years because I had to focus on (which is an extension of this site). But then I realized if started it all, why not put it back up?

I'm glad I did.

Best regards.