What can help!

Do you think talking to other gambling addicts on- line can be a good way to reinforce your desire to change.

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It helped me knowing that

It helped me knowing that there were others like me. I gained valuable insight from reading the stories of others.

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What is addiction?

"Addiction: seeking pleasure from drugs rather than from accomplishments during life." —Dr. Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D


Reading the stories of others.

I was very moved by the stories I read.

So many sad stories from mainly ordinary decent people who'd been caught up in the web of addiction.Some in deep and others not so deep.

Looking for help and encouragement to fight their way out of it.

So it's great to know that there are people out there who won't judge you and who'll act as a sounding board when you feel under the pressures of what it's done to your life.

An exchange of ideas is a good thing and there are also helpful things to learn from both the positive and negative in each other's stories.

Connecting with others in a positive way is what makes human beings thrive.

Addiction.A thought!

Caution! Side effects: Gambling addiction is a'drug' which can blur your vision------to the finer joys in life.