What will you replace gambling with?

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If you stop gambling, what will you replace it with?

It's about quitting and it's also about filling the time with something else.

What will you THINK about instead of gambling?
What will you DO instead of gambling?

Wanting to quit is the first step. The second step is to spend the time you used to gamble with another activity. A new hobby has to replace gambling.

Replacing gambling with something else.

Sweating it out with a sports activity of my choice,maybe.Long walks or jogging,to get rid of the adrenalin.

Taking up meditation again.It worked on giving up smoking and managing and conquering illness,but have let this slide.

If I could afford it I would seriously think about booking into a Buddhist retreat or other to give me a head start away from temptation.I would concentrate on the power of NOW!

Use my money for relaxing things that are good for the morale,beauty sessions,head or foot massages etc.Can't afford it but would try acupuncture and hypnosis if I could.

Shop for beautiful and useful things to enhance my surroundings instead of gambling it away.

Spend more time doing my collages.

Spend time on this site and read inspiring books.

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The secret of change.

It' a leap of faith.
Let go of the past and move on.
Dwelling on the past will bring it back.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates


I am in the process of making changes.

Shedding some of the responsibility for my mothers care onto my brother,which he will find tough because he lives some distance away.but which is fair because for 30 years it's always fallen on me.(He is not aware that I have a gambling problem)
This should alleviate a lot of pressure both on me and my husband,and give me more time to concentrate on sorting myself out.

I will think positive!

I remember an inspiring poem by William Blake. I don't have it in front of me but think it's called.


He who binds to himself a joy,
Doth the winged life destroy.
He who kisses a joy as it flys
Lives in eternitys sun rise.

In a strange way the first part seems rather apt.Whatever.it's something to think about.

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"He is not aware that I have

"He is not aware that I have a gambling problem.'

We are only as sick as our secrets.
When I began my road to recovery/change, I told everyone I knew I had a gambling problem. I had no secrets. It was a burden off my shoulders.

Each to their own, though.

Burden off my shoulders.

I know that neither my brother nor my children need to know .i faced this early, and only my husband is affected by it.We are now both working on it together and it is contained,also I will make sure that it stays that way.Another deterrent has been the fact that I had a cancer operation two and a half years ago and am on a wait and see program for the other lung.So knowing that I had this problem would make them worry about both me and my husband more.Couldn't bear that! Under different circumstances I think telling everyone is the best policy.

At least we've taken the right road so right foot before the left-------- and don't WOBBLE!