Why do people gamble?

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Why do people gamble?

I am not sure why I gamble? When I am not in the Casino, I am fine... when it gets close to payday and close to Friday, I don't understand what happens to me. I begin thinking about gambling and how I am not going to "screw up" again. I forget all the issues I just went thru because of my last gambling excursion. Now when I get into the Casino... I completely lose control... by the end of the night, I have lost every dime I have... I wake up the next morning and I cannot believe I did this to myself again... no money, two weeks before pay day... I am so confused by this addiction.

I can relate to your

I can relate to your situation, I guess the thought of the improbable jackpot lingers in all of us compulsive gamblers. I think that we have lost so much money to the casino, we are naive to think that one day we will make it up and hit a big win. Sadly, this will not happen, and I have to remind myself that I will never recover the funds that I have lost. I recently went on a trip to the midwest, (Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin) and was amazed at how many casinos are out there. I visited a couple of them and observed and it was sad to see people at the window cashing there paycheck at the window, for chips or personal checks only to lose it in the end. All I can say is take it day by day and remember that it is a losing battle if you cannot control yourself.

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