Just above the bottom

Maybe I was just saved.

I lost lots of money again 3 weeks ago.

Finally I realized i am not close to god or genius as I have known myself.

I signed up the voluntary self exclosion program and it is effective.

Maybe I supposed the slot machines supported by Canadian provincial government could pay back some money to me. Why the government can take some money --flat charge--like admission fee when people want to play gamble? At least it can protect people from the destruction of families and commiting suicide.

Hi Naddy, talk to your dady about why he is doing gambling and ask to quit gambling with tears. Maybe your daddy feel lonesome or meaningless LIFE. Or like me he is thinking about his lost money. But don't stimulate or push him to stop gambling. In my case the forcing made me worse.

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keep outta the casino
Submitted by challis on Tue, 2007-02-13 22:45.

keep outta the casino harry,gamblings for loosers yes,and i,m talking about myself okay...have,nt gambled for a few months,and am not looking forward to gambling again,as i,ll take my wife out to a fancy dinner,rather than feed the casinos grubby green carpet my coupla hundred bucks.for sure the goverment feeds off our addiction,but thats life,get used to it.okay stay healthy and just say no to that first bet,or whatever it is that gets you through a gambling free day...

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Can suicide be a solution
Submitted by Bach on Sun, 2007-02-25 19:59.

Can suicide be a solution to any problem? How will someone know if they've lived up to their potential and defeated their demons?

Living one day at a time is a good advice.