Happy New Year!

Hello Stacey, Bach, Ann, Scotty, Denise and anyone else reading this.

I hope you are all doing well. There hasn't been a lot of activity on this site in the last few weeks. I have been thinking of all of you and hoping that you are able to stay gambling free and happy. The Year 2006 has definitely been a rough one for me. I plan on having a better 2007 and am hoping all of you have a great year! I have been reading Post's and visiting the Safe Harbor Web site that Denise recommended. It has been helpful. I still haven't attended a live GA meeting and am not sure that I will be able to bring myself to it. But I am visiting the sites daily, journaling, and reading the Serenity Prayer daily. I also have started saying Dec 16th to myself every time I get an urge to gamble and for some reason it seems to be helping. It is sort of like my Mantra and it calms me when I'm jumping out of my skin. Well, I hope to hear from you all. May 2007 be full of Love, Peace, and Joy for Everyone! By the way if you do visit the Safe Harbor Website, when it asked for a Nick Name I shortened my name to Ren. I met Ann on that site and we got to chat a little on line.


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Hello Karen and friends...Happy New Year
Submitted by scotty555 on Mon, 2007-01-01 22:52.

I am still out here roughing it in Hawaii. It has now been 7 months and no gambling. I have seen some posts from some of our friends about having a slip. I know I can do that too...so, if it is any consoation...those slips I read about remind me to stay clean. So many games on to bet on and I haven't bet on any of them. I was thinking how crazy some of the games come out with missed field goals and extra points...that would drive me nuts when I was gambling. Now, I just shrug and say "oh well,...

I am checking this site once in awhile and will continue to do so. Hopefully it will pick up and more folks will be making comments.

For Harry: You are in deep and must stop. Each day you stop you will feel yourself start to get better. I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you are able to find help. You need more tha njust yourself to get through this -- get some help now. You cannot make money gambling -- stop it now.

All the best,