The gambling bug wants to bite me again

I am getting that feeling again. I want to gamble but I know I cant. I hate these urges and sure would be happy if they would stop. I get depressesd because I dont have the money to gamble and I so want to. I know I wont do it at least not this paycheck. I just wish these urges would go away. Try to keep myself busy but still they are there in the back of my mind. Thank God I have here to come to when they start nagging at me.


Hey Kat, You Are doing everything you HAVE to do to NOT slip..KEEP DOING IT! Be strong, call a friend call a fellow Gamblers Anonymous member..It is so hard, I know..I still remember how strong my urges were to gamble, they were so strong I had to put myself under lock and key at CORE, an in-house treatment center, just for gambling and they really helped me and gave me what I needed to fight those urges outside in the real world. If you find you cant fight them or you are still slipping alot, please find more support than the internet boards, It took me 2 yrs to realize I cant stay in recovery by just usung these groups...They are GREAT! But you have to remember they are a tool..We have to keep finding even more things that work and thats when you also start to get thru the urges easier and with less pain..hang on, fight them, one day, one miute, one hour at a time,,whatever it takes, they will pass..



Hope you arev still hanging on...don't give in to this thing. If you have fallen, get up, dust yourself off and start over. We can do it...keep wrting in and we will all help you.


Hi Kat,I really feel for you...maybe the answer lies in your question. You said well at least not this pay?Why is that?Is all you money allocated already?Well if you are already looking at next weeks pay you need to tidy up that side of things or you subconcious will be thinking yeah but I have some spare next week etc.

Tie the money up, give it to an NON gambler to hold, pay extra on a bill but dont leave handy money around.

You will find urges will subside a little when there is less of a oppotunity on the horizon. God, I used to be working out how to pay back money on a Tuesday that I was going to lose on a Thurday coming...??!!

Stay strong



PLEASE DONT DO IT - as a wife of a compuslive gambler - please dont - i dont know if youve tried this one - - but why not call your wife and let her know what you feel like doing and see if shed like to do something different and special with you tonight - im trying these new things with my husband - they seem to work for awhile - let me know how you do - i will keep you in my prayer, may god bless you today and keep a hedge of protection over you



Thanks Akaneat! I made it through (so far). It feels great!!!!!! Thanks for your support and prayers!