I don't know what to do

My man has gone sideways! He is not only gambling heavy...he has fallen of the wagon. I am so confused about all this I don't know what to do. I tried to talk with him and he starts yelling. He has been on a 4 day drinking binge sobered up for 2 days and has now $1200 in his pocket and is out the door for more drinking and gambling. I live way out in the middle of nowhere and have no support available in our community. It is almost 2 hours to the nearest town and I now have no gas money to go talk to someone. To top it all off....our phone will be cut off and I'm not even going to have access to anyone. HELP!!!!


Hello Rubarb, you urgently need to utilize some services whilst you still hae a phone.Without knowing anything I could suggest the church, city community centres and counselling or welfare services. This is not your fault so you do not deserve what may happen.

Please get out your local phone book, also ring the phone comapny up and be truthful they will be more sympathetic. We have a slogan here in Australia a public service message it goes "Look at what your really gambling with" aimed at the gambler, showing his family leaving in a taxi. Let him know you WILL leave him otherwise the unfortunate odds are he will not change unless he has too.

I wish you well.if I knew what area you were from I could try and find out stuff for your area, message me privately if you want

Take care



Hello, sorry to hear that.. are you married? or not? I was just wondering because maybe this would be a good time to leave the house for a few days and get away from him.. do you have someone you can call? A friend, family? If he is an angry violent type dont stay there. You cant do anything to help him right now, not when he is like that, drinking makes it even worse. Call gam-anon or someone on a help hot line and get some support or thoughts on what to do next.. but I wouldnt stay there.. he needs a wake up call seriously. I dont know what else to tell you.. he needs some serious help.. just try and get it for him, but if he is not listening there really isnt anything you can do but look out for yourself.. and any kids that you have.. get selfish, take care of you! Hugs


All i can say is to do what I do and that is PRAY and pray and pray some more. There is hope in sight, we just have ask for it to be opened up to us and then pray for the strength to go throught it no matter what the answer may be - that is where I am - I find comfort in the lOrd and he also has provided me with this website, which gives me a place to share m y story (re: my gambling husband) and offer help to those as well - God Bless and Take Care - Never EVER give up especially if there are children involved



Rubarb you sound like your in an abusive relationship. Living in the sticks might be a way to control you so you don't have access to help. If you still have a phone you might want to check out abused women's shelters. Trust me... you will qualify. Even if he is not hitting you...there are other forms of spousal abuse.

WOW akaneat... that is called codepenancy. you might want to read up on that. Is it OK to put kids in that position?



You sound like you ned help fast. get out of that situation. If your guy comes around he needs to be sober and ready to take control of his life. Don't take him back until he agrees to get help. It is tough to stop, if you don't get tough with him you'll enable him to continue. I am thinking of you and hoping you get the help you need.

Big hugs,