I writing this on behalf of my future brother-in-law. My fiancee has a brother with a serious gambling problem. He's is addicted to sport gambling. About 3 years ago, when my fiancee and I first started dating he had money on a game and he ended up winning about $10k off of it. He turned around and lost it and took a big fiancial dive. The family found out about it and it was very devastating to everyone around him, but that was only the beginning.

My future father-in-law had to bail him out. My future brother-in-law had basically just gotten his feet wet into the whole sports gambling. He has been up anywhere from several hundred to just several dollars and lost. This has been going on for quite some time. He always gambles with what he doesn't have or what little he does have. He just had a child about 6 months ago and got married shortly after. His wife is having to deal with it all. Not only his wife, but his mother is main source of fiancing all of his bets. She is being financially drained from bailing him out so many times to pay for gambling debts or even just gambling.

As of recently, he apparently has gotten involved with a bookie. This is really tearing the family apart emotionally and financially. We try to be there as much as we can. I've been on other sites and from what I've gotten out of it is that you just have to get someone with a compulsive gambling disorder sink to the bottom. What is that isn't enough?? My fiancee is seriously considering taking him to GA meetings. He has talked to his brother and said he is there for him if he thinks he has a problems and wants to go to a meeting. I guess that's all you can do.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2007-06-03 13:19.

Authored by: Honesty on Friday December 16, 2005
07:08 PM EST

If you continue to support a gambler then you become an "enabler." You are contributing to his adddiction. He'll keep coming back to you whenever he needs money to gamble.

Best wishes.

Authored by: maggiemay407 on Friday December 16, 2005
09:43 PM EST

I feel very bad for your family as I have been an enabler to my husband for yhe last 15yrs. My husband came clean with a credit card debt of 20,000. in 1998 and just totaly blew me away,the bills were going to his mothers address. We finally refinaced our home to pay off his debt, which realy should have went towards my daughters college.He went to ga meetings for awhile I think just to please me and our 2 kids because they to were very upset with their dad.Needless to say he relapsed 3 more times after that and this last one I think will be rock bottom for him and me too. Iam exausted and just plain worn out from this addiction and all the lies that come with it.

we have been married for 38yrs. and have 2 great kids, i have been a devoted wife and mother and i am just tired of dealing with all the lies and deception from him and his mother because she allowed him to use her credit card and aquire 6,000. in gambling debt.So you see because i have tolerated this so many times before I totaly blew him away when i went to see an attorney about a separation and divorce.he is presently in therapy and attends ga mettings 2 times aweek, but you know what i feel very empty inside and i think the only way he will realize were the bottom is,when he finds me gone.and that will be to late for us.