Is it possible for me to quit without any counseling or groups?

Good question, is it possible for me to quit gambling alone without any counseling or groups.

I tried the meetings (Gamblers Anonymous) and did not care for them as they were only band-aids, some people will go to meetings for 15 or 20 years and still not know why they gambled. In saying this I must add that I have a very hard head. I gambled for over 20 years and was always broke, spend my last dollar many times before buying food.

Everyone is different and this may not work out for you but it did for me.

Very long story made short: I started reading many spiritual books, not religious but spiritual. Some people die without ever knowing themselves. The spiritual books and self help books i read helped my figure out what triggered my gambling, it was easier once I knew myself. Gambling for me was a great run away from all troubles, going brain dead as I called it.

When I did not want to deal with people or issues I would gamble. I found when someone upset me I would gamble for weeks on end over little matters. Once I learned to forgive those Idiots everything started going smoother. Also confronting any issues head on constantly and never letting them build up helped.

I started this ride a year and a half ago, August 2002. It took about 3 months before I started getting better and about 9 months to not have any urges. I must add this as it was to funny, I prayed to stop gambling and for a month, I had bad urges and gambled a bit in that time. While driving one day a thought came to mind, "watch what you pray for" I started laughing out loud while at a stop light and thought: You fool !! I prayed that I would stop gambling but never thought to pray to not have urges.

It worked for me, I can only hope it will be easier for you.

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Is it possible for me to quit gambling alone without...
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Authored by: prokopton on Thursday June 24, 2004
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Hi Bill,

Ernie J here, a compulsive gambler. Going it alone has led you into trouble by gambling alone. I'm sure some people might have made it cold turkey, but I don't know any of them because they would not have attended any meetings (Gamblers Anonymous). So you never hear about them. Quitting gambling is what you need to do, but what are the reasons for it. Not only do you have to dwell on your gambling losses, emotional problems occur. Do you feel good about yourself? Have you left your wife and children alone just to go gambling? Have you hurt them by not being around? If you have a wife with a sympathetic ear talk to her now, tell her of your losses. You are gambling on your future.

Authored by: denisec on Sunday March 12, 2006
09:13 AM EST

Anything is possible. It just didn't work out that way for me, to quit alone. I gambled for twenty years and tried many things to quit, but until I was really ready it didn't happen. I know for myself I could have never done it alone and GA has helped me see many of the reasons I gambled. I think to really give GA a chance to work you really have to give it at least 90 days of going to many meetings. Going once or twice a week is not going to do it for you if you gambled everyday.

Authored by: prokopton on Thursday June 24, 2004
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I am a busy professional with a family and good job. I have been gambling for about 3 years. It started on the internet where I won playing blackjack (about $32,000 one night). I enjoyed playing 5 hands at once at $1,000 each hand. After a while I got tired of playing blackjack, plus, I was starting to lose more than win. I did win sometimes (sometimes very big money), but for some reason, it was very easy for me to give up internet gambling.

The real casino gambling has proven much more difficult. I have to drive through Vegas a lot (about 5 times a year), and of course, got to be on the comp list at the highest level at several hotels there due to my 35 hours of play at an average of $300 to $700 per hand in blackjack. Sometimes I would win $25,000, sometimes I would lose $25,000 in one weekend visit. It got out of hand, but I only went 5 times a year, so it didn't bankrupt me. Then an Indian casino opened near my home (about 1 hour drive). I figure I have lost
about $300,000 there during the past year and a half.

I have tried quitting many times. Now I am trying to pray to God every day to help me. I am also trying to talk with my wife more and spend more time with my children. I am wondering if this is going to work. It has only been a week since I have tried this way, but I feel good about it right now. I am wondering, is it possible for me to quit alone without any counseling or groups. I am a solitary man in many ways (except for my family) and I don't feel comfortable around groups of people or counselors.

Has anyone out there made it alone and succeeded? I would like to hear from you if you have.

Authored by: charmed1djl on Thursday December 30, 2004
12:00 AM EST

YES IT IS POSSIBLE TO QUIT GAMBLING. We all gamble for different reasons, from what you wrote you have money to gamble, I don't . I never had money, then when my husband died, I had (the operative word) all kinds of money. I would have been set up pretty nice, put it that way. Now I'm broke and the story goes on. Anyway, I did quit frequenting the Casino's, when my husband was still alive. I quit for a year, because i knew how much he despised it and also i know what it's done for my folks. Then he died, and I went crazy...........I mean crazy........not just gambling, but drinking too. Needless to say I'm back where i started and it sucks. I'm poor, as they say, a fool and their money shall soon part... I'm one hell of a fool. I'm so poor I can't pay attention... that's why i gamble, to try and get some money to pay my bills. Back to you...P.S. No more or I'll lose my house

Authored by: day-to-day on Wednesday March 22, 2006
08:15 PM EST

I am a compulsive gambler...plain and simple...why did we do it? That question will never be answered. It is the way we are "wired". We don't need to know why we gambled. Approach a compulsive gambling addiction day-to-day. As long as you did not gamble today, that is what matters..

Every deals with their

Every deals with their demons differently. I'm glad you found a way to deal with yours.

Can I quit Without G.A. Meetings

I tried both ways. The 1st way of course was G.A. meetings, at times when I would go there & each of us were taking turns talking & commenting on are fellow gamblers. I felt we were getting to far away from the reason we were there. Some people would just talk to hear themselves. Others would talk with a bit of brag to let you knowhow they were clean. Both of these are fine, but to me when I'm giving up half a day on Sat. I want to get something out of it. And at I felt I wasn't getting anything out of it. I know the next thing people would say to me-well big deal a half day of G.A. verses 3 days a week at the Casino. Poor you. But I really had high hopes in getting my foot into this recovery program. There was a time I did do this all by myself for over a yr. why I went back God only knows.

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I dont know what to say.

I dont know what to say. This is definitely one of the better blogs Ive read. Youre so insightful, have so much real stuff to bring to the table. I hope that more people read this and get what I got from it: chills. Great job and great blog. I cant wait to read more, keep em comin!