Husband has a gambling problem

I just found out that my husband has a gambling problem. I am very upset to say the least, but love him dearly. What can I do for support? He doesn't want me to talk with anyone, because he's very ashamed.




Support him as best as you can. Tell him he's a good person BUT he needs to change some of his behavior. Start by asking him why he thinks he gambles. If he tells you he gambles to win money, that's not the answer. There's much more behind it.

In supporting him, you need to be a hard when you have to be. Another suggestion is to take control of his finances for the next few months.

Best of luck.

I'm being supportive, but who is there to support me through this? One minute I feel loving towards him and then there are times when I'm going over our finances when I get so angry at him. I have so many mixed emotions. I have already taken over the finances and we now have gamblock installed on the computer. His problem was internet gambling.


Oh Annette - I feel for you. I just found out my husband (who had a bad gambling problem many years ago, before we had met) has started gambling again - online, sports betting. He's gambled away over $2000 of our money and has been hiding it from me. I feel sick and scared and angry and betrayed but I too love my husband dearly and want to help him. He doesn't know that I know about this yet, and I've been scared to confront him. I feel so lost. I guess I don't really have anything of substance to add to your post but I cried when I read what you wrote, because it kind of feels nice to know there are others out there, dealing with this.



Thank you sad wife for your comments. Just hearing your story helped me. My husband and I have been supportive of each other. Its hard, because I've been thinking about it all the time and loosing lots of sleep over the whole thing. He gambled away much more than $2000 too!!