I've started something new to make me feel better

I've just started a new exercise regiment. I was at the gym for about an hour today. Boy, did that feel good!

The high is better than any win/lose I've ever had gambling.

As each day goes by, the peace that entered my life last month is getting more comfortable and comfortable. I think this is what a "normal" life is supposed to be.



Way to go Honesty!

Working out really does get the adrenaline going, and when I am exercising, I find my brain seems to go down roads I never expected...good thoughts.

Keep it up


I used to be in great shape, but sadly, I've let myself go lately. I want to get back to it...Thanks for sharing...I'm going to start thinking about this more. Exercise is great; a real high!!

By the way, the GAMBLOCK is so great and we are doing good. We rewarded ourselves with a 2001 Z3 BMW...now thats a !@#$%^&* reward eh? We must exexercise to look good crusing in our convertible roadster!!

Material gifts aside, we are so much better emotionally!! That is the REAL high!!



Whohoooooooo Scotty..... cruising around in a convertible with your girl........beats the hell out of sitting in a casino-offline or online!!Enjoy!
Take care