Casinos are evil

I went to the casino today to self-exclude myself because I've lost about $2,500 in the last month. I ask for the application and the security guard hands me one and says, "Take it home, fill it out and bring it back in 24 hours."


24 hours? I thought. Why not now? I thought, then asked him aloud. He says, "It's the rules."


In 24 hours I might change my mind and think the casino isn't that bad afterall. Is that the idea? Or I'll forget about it and lose more money the next time I come. That's pure evil.

I did it! I banned myself

I did it! I banned myself from the local casinos. I don't know how effective it's going to be since the security guards don't check everyone who enters the premises.

If you think that is bad

If you think that is bad about waiting 24 hours, just wait til after you complete the self - exclusion. It gets worse. Here is how it is set up:
The casino has no obligation whatsoever to moniter everyone who walks in the door to see if that person is on the self-exclusion list. They let anybody at all come in to gamble. You can lose all the money you want, they don't stop you. BUT, and this is a big BUT, IF you should win a jackpot of some significant size, several hundred dollars or more, they will quickly scan their files and if you happen to be on the self exclusion list, they will walk up to you and say they are sorry but they cannot allow you to cash in as you have self excluded.

Good job

Even though they might not check, it is still satisfying t know that you took a step in the right direction.


In Detroit casinos, they of course do not check and will let you gamble your paycheck away, but if you win, you will be arrested for tresspassing, and they make no exceptions! I go to (went to) a support group and 3 people were arrested, went to jail, and paid the fines for tresspassing, which is part of their permanent record..Talk about embarrassing..try and explain that to a potential employer/mate..anyone..I have yet to ban myself as of course the gimmicks work on me..the $100 freeplay every week, monthly tourney's..thinking that I will hit it big again..won $500 friday..walked out with $200..can never just walk away..went to GA..didn't like it..way too long..don't know if everyone is in denial in Detroit or what, even the church has recovery groups that I go to, but I'm the only gambler..hoping this forum will help..Good wishes (was going to say 'luck' but we know how that

Alberta self-exclusion

In Alberta they have changed it so that if you are banned, the casinos are legally required to charge you with trespassing if you enter the casino. Before that, they didn't try too hard to catch people, for obvious reasons.

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Logu, It's hard for the


It's hard for the guards to examine everyone who enters the casino.

This site is seriously good

This site is seriously good change. I love this site for the cause it has been made.

True enough, but ...

It isn't only the guards watching. You are being watched by the people behind the cameras. The casinos were not doing their job, and that is why the legislation was changed to require them to charge intruders with trespassing. I am not blaming one guy at the door. The casinos in Alberta aren't doing well since the economic downturn. It must really pain them to send a problem gambler out the door.

Great post, I look forward

Great post, I look forward to reading more.

Yeah, I can imagine the

Yeah, I can imagine the casinos not spending that much resources to remove the people (gambling addicts) who are their cash cows.

Law enforcement, however,

Law enforcement, however, constitutes only part of policing activity. Policing has included an array of activities in different situations, but the predominant ones are concerned with the preservation of order many of the games are against the law.

Great discipline must be

Great discipline must be applied.

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gambling addiction is a serious problem but crack addiction treatment is harder and many times it fail because those involved are passing through terrible pain and is easy to return to drugs.


Casinos are not evil , they just take advantage of people , but it also depends on the kind of person you are , if you fall into the addiction or not

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I don't like gambling.

I don't like gambling. Though, I must admit that it create billions of dollars in tax revenue,

you have only lost $2500

you have only lost $2500 a friend of mine lost $25000 in gambling at las vegas casino.After that he was so depresses that he has heart attack, however now he is ok.

:jawdrop: Are you serious?


Are you serious?

Gambling addiction is really

Gambling addiction is really very bad for the people who is addicted to it. It may create a lot of problems to the people who is in addiction of gambling and also his family. My cousin was also a gambling addict and he lost all his property and money in gambling. When he lost all his money several problems came in his life and then he took drugs and alcohol to come out of stress but the problem was still the same. Then we took him to a Clinic and now he is completely fine and has come out of gambling and drug addiction. He is now living his life in the fullest way and is very happy. So, I think gambling addiction is very bad and give rise to all types of addiction.

banning yourself

i did this also and one thing you can do is really tell them you dont want to go anymore make sure they show your picture all over - if you do go maybe tell a floor person that you banned yourself - if you are serious about it