stop gambling

HI my name is Brenda and, I am a compulsive gambler I like the slot machine. I ofthen wonder

why me. What did do to deserve this sickness? Could I have gotten it from my fother? I did go

to the 12 stap meetings for a little wile, and I though I could do it by my self.  I find my self gambling more and more, and I don't have control over it. I am lying to my husband and, I'm getting very good at it, at

least I thank so. I have to go for now. I just want to say, thank you all for letting me share.









We've all been there. The

We've all been there. The first thing I did was admitted to myself that I have a problem. To some it may go against what we've been taught. Admitting that we have a problem is stigmatization to some people but there is strength in doing it.


We like to hide our gambling problem because we're ashamed of it. The longer we keep the secrets, the more they eat away at us. Just come clean! You'll be a lot stronger for doing it.

Thank you I did admatted

Thank you

I did admatted to other about my problem, but what I fond out was, some people don't understand

as will as other, know matter how you explain yourself. So I need to do this different this time.

I don't want to loose every thing I work so hord for. My Brother said he stop coold turkey.

But I think win him and his wife spit up he stop. How funny the things we do.

I am in the same boat.

I also like the slots and am helpless against them. I have been addicted to gambling for 2 years and it sucks. This is the first time I have really tried to quit, sooooo one day at a time right? I thought coming clean to my husband abot six moths ago and exposing myself would help, but all it did was make me lie more.. I hate lying. Seems to go hand in hand with gambling.