Online poker addiction

I discovered online poker a week and a half ago. In that time i have lost £400 ($700ish) that is best part of half my monthly income. Although it has only been such a short time i really feel like i have become an addict. I really hate myself when i think what else i could have done with that money, paid the whole of next months rent and bills and more. I have put my last £15 pounds back into my account and that was 12 hours ago and i determined not to play again. The more i think about it the more i think that very few people must actually make any money at online poker. That house rake that they take seems so very very small but over the 100's and 100's of hands that i have played over the week i believe the website has a vast percent of my £400 and what has been passed to other players has also in the fullness of time gone to the website via "the rake". I realised this about £100 ago but yet i still went on playing. I hope this is it now and i can get on with my life.

whodolf good to read your post as i,m sure theres many people in similar situation out there in poker land wondering how the hell they fell into this hole,but if you read through many posts here you will read that your hole is a lot smaller than most and if you can put this poker bug down to a one off bad mistake in your trip through life you,ll be gambling starts out small,but as the losses get bigger,so do your bets in order to break even,before you know it your punting thousands a hand and your hocked your home just to be a high roller (looser).thankfully i got out before that but its a slippery slope your some overtime,second job get back in the black then look into real estate or stock market for long term gains.

Thanks for the reply, and yes having read some post i have realised how very very tiny my problems are and also how easilly they could get bigger, which has made me more determined to get it under control.