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I recently came across this site looking into gambling and came across and article about protecting youth from online gambling specifically poker. This aroused my attention as I have found a ton of things I disagree with and would like to set somethings straight.

A far as my back ground I am 25 and have lived in the U.S. for my whole life in the northwest in a relatively small state but super republican. I have made a living out of poker. Since the age of 18 I have played and dealt cards for a living so I would say I am somewhat of an expert on not only how to play but how Poker operates from the Houses perspective.

I would like to make myself available for anyone who has questions about Poker and gambling addictions. I have seen many people ruin their lives playing poker I'am not disputing that it is an outlet for compulsive gamblers. I'am here to say that poker however is a skill game and better players do win consistently. The major problem of most losing poker players is they believe that they can beat the game with no skills and just their random intuitive process. Thats in the realm of saying I can pitch Pro baseball without playing little leauge, Highschool, and minor leagues. Yes people can win millions in tournaments but the odds are hugely long and most players who win these things are not good poker players. Well I'm sure my comments will stir a bit of discussion. Feel free to express yourselves as I will.

Are you a poker promoter?

Are you a poker promoter?


poker is just one facet of gambling my friend. thank you for your expert advice. i have used your arguement of a skilled game many times. i have made money and lost money gambling. but people arent coming to this site for your perspective. we are coming here for help. hence the webpage name. i have not ruined myself financially from poker. but i have hurt the ones around me at one point because gambling became an obsession. it took time from my family and made my wife extremely unhappy. not because i was losing. but because my wife was worried and felt a moral dilemma about gambling. i felt like i was making easy money. my wife didnt care about that. and then i found that i had a hard time stopping. i still do. its a struggle. but i do it because i have made promises to the ones i love. it isnt about losing at poker friend. its about a personal decision to gamble. what started out for me as entertainment became a vice. for each person it is different. every struggle a story of its own like no other. Every day ends how we choose it to. i choose it to end with my family, and for me that means no gambling....

You sound like you know what

You sound like you know what you're talking about, but it almost sounds like justification. Nothing personal of course.

I do agree with the tournament comment. But as far as making a living, seems to me that the best a "great" player can hope for in say limit hold'em for example is one large bet per hour. That also requires a bankroll of 300 to 500 times that large bet that can be fluctuated into without remorse or emotional upheaval for really long periods of time.

So a really good 6-12 player is striving to make a whopping 12 bucks an hour and needs up to 6 grand for play fluctuation.

Doesn't sound all that gratifying to me. There's easier and respectable ways to make a lot more than 12 bucks an hour - with little or no risk.

Now here's a scenario for you. You put 10 players at a hold'em table and they're all rammer jammers. What do you get? A situation where you're perpetually a 1/10 favorite and you lose to the rake. Or how about the other extreme, 10 expert players at the same table taking turns stealing each other's blinds with perfect reading skills. Again you're a 1/10 favorite but losing even more to the rake. Vary this situation by about 25-30 percent from either extreme and I think it would fit most of the games I've played in over the last 20 years.

My point is simply this. Live poker is at best a cleverly disguised house game. And at worst, a place for the "skillful" to rape the ignorant of the milk money that should have gone home to feed the kids.

Anybody can shoot birds with a machine gun. Question is, is that really hunting?

Just my opinion.