hi all... new here.

i am 35, recovering gambler, daily!, a father of 4 wonderful kids. my marraige might be over unfortunately, but thats what it took for me to realize the hurt i was causing my wife. and my friends. the choices i made with gambling caused me to lose one of my best friends, and the most important person in my life, my wifey.

i am able to quit on my own, after several failed attempts. i have taken to a new passion to spend time and energy on, weight lifting and getting in shape. it is my new focus for personal time , and it makes me better pyhsically and mentally, which is a plus.

my wife still is hurt, and i hope to one day make it up to her, and earn back her trust. but "words" arent enough, its actions. no more lies. i have been to the bottom, i have looked myself in the mirror, and i have now made promises to keep.

good luck to all.

Accepting responsibility is

Accepting responsibility is a good place to start!